Maria Gogova

Maria Gogova is managing director of regulatory affairs at Altria Client Services in Richmond, Virginia, USA. She leads the science strategy and analysis team, which focuses on the regulatory requirements for reduced harm tobacco products.

In this role, Gogova is at the forefront of developing tools and strategies to assess population harm in the field of tobacco regulatory science. She applies her past experience as a physician, investigator, clinical study manager and clinical pharmacologist to shape Altria’s framework for bringing reduced harm tobacco products to market.

Gogova joined the Altria family of companies in 2002. During her tenure, Gogova has held several positions that enabled and supported responsible product development by generating scientific evidence related to the reduced-risk products made by Altria Group’s tobacco companies.

At present, Gogova is focused on leveraging epidemiology, outcomes research and safety surveillance to advance Altria’s harm reduction goals and aspirations.

Prior to joining the Altria family of companies, Gogova served as an internal medicine physician in the oncology department of St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.